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Health Insurance Policy brochure

Our doctors participate with many insurance programs, which enables us to bill the insurance company directly for covered services. We participate with:

• Community Blue*
• Medicare
• Independent Health*
• Blue Cross/Blue Shield
• G.H.I.


• Univera*
• Magna Care
• North American Administrators
• Empire Plan (United Health)

* Insurance requires referral from a primary physician

The fee for a cosmetic consultation is $80, and if you decide to proceed with surgery, it is deducted from the cost of surgery. In Western New York, there are still a few insurance policies that cover cosmetic surgery. Blue Cross and Blue Shield policies that include Rider 45, as well as Group 48600 participants have cosmetic coverage. Some NOVA policies also have this provision. Since we participate with these insurance companies, their allowance is accepted as payment in full.

Some procedures are not necessarily cosmetic. If medical necessity can be established, most insurance companies cover the surgery. Upper eyelid surgery may be required to correct visual impairment. A breast reduction may be necessary to eliminate symptoms. Rhinoplasty may be performed subsequent to an injury or fracture. For your convenience, we accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. We also offer a referral service for personal loans and assist in setting up pre-payment plans. Any questions about surgery costs or determining insurance coverage will be promptly answered by our insurance department.