What is Perlane?

Perlane is a cosmetic dermal filler, similar to Restylane. Unlike BOTOX, which smooths the skin by relaxing facial muscles, Perlane plumps areas that have lost fullness. It’s used to smooth away moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds and replace lost volume and youthful contours to the skin.

Where is Perlane used on the face?

Perlane is most widely used to fill the folds extending from the nose to the corners of the mouth, but it’s also used to plump eyebrows, smooth under-eye hollows, enhance the lips, define the curve of the upper lip commonly known as the Cupid’s bow, and to enhance volume and define contours of the cheeks, chin and jawline.

How long does Perlane last?

Thanks to a patented stabilization technique, the effects of Perlane last at least six months and all the way up to nine months in some patients.

How soon can I expect results with Perlane?

One visit to the doctor is all it takes to achieve natural-looking results with Perlane.

What makes Perlane unique?

As mentioned, Perlane is similar to Restylane as they are both made out of hyaluronic acid, an acid that occurs naturally in the human body to provide volume and fullness to the skin. Perlane differs because its particles are bigger, therefore the solution is thicker and contains more hyaluronic acid. That’s why it’s so effective at treating deeper facial folds and wrinkles.

What can I expect during a Perlane treatment?

Perlane is injected directly into the skin in small amounts using an ultra-fine needle. Because some patients experience discomfort with injections, your doctor can assess your need for pain management. After treatment you may have some slight swelling, bruising, redness, or tenderness, but this will fade in a matter of days.

Is Perlane FDA approved?

Yes. Perlane has been widely used in Europe since 1999 and was approved by the FDA in 2007. It’s currently used in over 70 countries.

How much does a Perlane treatment cost?

The cost of a Perlane treatment is largely determined by the volume of the product that is required, so cost will vary according to each patient’s needs. The cost is comparable to similar treatments, and your doctor can give you a personalized estimate.

Are there any reasons I shouldn’t use Perlane?

Perlane has been found to be a safe dermal filler because it’s made out of hyaluronic acid, which is the acid that naturally occurs in humans to give volume and fullness to the skin. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under the age of 18, you should not use Perlane. Perlane should also not be used by persons with bad allergies to gram positive bacteria, or by those who have experienced previous allergic reactions to drugs and required in-hospital treatment. It also shouldn’t be used by those with bleeding disorders, and to avoid bruising or bleeding, you should not use Perlane if you have recently used drugs that thin your blood or prevent clotting.